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The top tips to avoid traffic


Anticipating traffic has become a part of every commuter’s daily nightmare – but there are a few secrets we can let you in on that may help you avoid getting stuck in the jam

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Surviving driving in London


The city may be home to Buckingham Palace, the London Eye and Tower Bridge, but within it resides some of the most crowded roads across the country

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Road rage and how to beat it


With new statistics suggesting that road rage causes almost 33% of traffic accidents in the UK, we have curated the top tips to help you manage anger behind the wheel effectively

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Moving house on your own? Make sure you rent the right van


When you’re planning a house move, the thought of cutting costs by moving your own belongings rather than hiring a professional removals company can be an attractive one.

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Great days out for classic car lovers in London


Whether you like shopping, eating out, museums, art galleries or simply seeing the sights, England’s bustling capital city has something for everyone. Did you know that it’s also a fantastic place for classic car lovers? We look at some of the best classic car museums and events in and around London.

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Spectacular road trips in England


Whether you live in England and are looking for great locations to take a weekend drive, or you’re visiting on holiday and would like to see the best scenery the country has to offer, in our latest blog we look at some of the best road trips in England.

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Which van should I choose for my business?


When you’re thinking of acquiring a new van for your business, it’s important to get things right. A van can be a major investment and you need to choose a vehicle that will meet your business requirements whilst providing reliability for years to come.

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The Ford Transit van: everything you need to know


The Ford Transit is now over half a century old and undoubtedly one of the most iconic vans to grace the highways and byways of Britain.

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How to keep your kids entertained on long car journeys


Whilst it may not seem like it after the snowy weather we’ve had recently, spring is just around the corner and it will soon be time to pack our suitcases and take a well-deserved family break.

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Mobile phones and driving – what’s the law in the UK?


Whether you’re driving your own vehicle or a vehicle that you’ve rented, it’s very important that you are clear about the law regarding the use of a mobile phone while driving.

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Which are the safest driving countries in Europe?


Here at Mayday we hope you found our recent guide to driving in Europe useful and that it will help you to drive more safely when you’re overseas. If you are heading off on a driving holiday, do you know which European countries have the safest roads, and which countries you might need to take particular care whilst driving in? We find out in today’s blog!

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Luton van hire: when, why and how you should rent one


The Luton van, or Luton body as it’s sometimes known, is an iconic vehicle that just so happens to originate from Mayday Vehicle Rentals’ hometown of – you guessed it! – Luton, in Bedfordshire. In this article we look at the history of the Luton van and explain when and how you should rent one.

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Driving a car in Europe – here’s everything you need to know


Taking a car on holiday can be an excellent idea. Rather than having to rely on public transport or taxis, being able to jump in a car gives you the freedom to travel wherever you want, when you want – allowing you to take your holiday at your own pace and explore attractions that are off the beaten track.

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Great days out for car lovers in Bedfordshire


Unsurprisingly, we’re huge fans of cars here at Mayday Vehicle Rentals - that’s why for two decades we’ve been in the business of renting them out! Our headquarters are based in Luton, and did you know that in Bedfordshire there are lots of places where car lovers can spend a great day out? We look at some of them in this article.

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Green car rental: save money and help the environment with our eco-driving tips


Driving sensibly not only conserves fuel and saves you money; it also cuts pollution and helps to protect the environment too.  In this blog, we look at different ways in which you can drive more efficiently.

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Driving to London Luton Airport: the essential guide


London Luton Airport (LLA) is one of the UK’s largest airports, which last year had its busiest year ever with 14.5 million passengers travelling through the airport. London Luton looks set to get even busier in future, as work is currently underway to expand the airport and increase its capacity to 18 million passengers by 2018.

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What should I do if I have an accident or breakdown in my rental vehicle?


Have you considered what you’d do if you had an accident or a breakdown in your rental vehicle? Whilst none of us like to prepare for the worst, it is a very sensible thing to do. If you’re hiring a car for a holiday, planning ahead for all eventualities is a great way to reduce stress and so disconnect and enjoy our holiday more.

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Should I rent or buy vehicles for my business?


The vehicles driven by you and your employees can help to project an image of professionalism and success which can in turn influence clients, customers and suppliers in their decision to do business with you.

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The dos and don’ts of renting a vehicle


What are the fundamentals of renting a vehicle? This is just one question that leads us on to many others – will I need additional insurance? How many drivers should I put down? Can I drop it off at a different branch? Can I cross the border into a different country? In short, it’s a minefield when it needn’t be. Here’s a breakdown of what to do, and so leave you free to enjoy your travel experience, be it business or pleasure.

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Moving house? Here’s what you need to remember when hiring a van


Moving house is consistently rated as one of the most stressful activities of all time. But it needn’t be, and as you work through your checklist of things which need to be completed, be sure to make hiring a van a top priority. After all, planning equals peace of mind and knowing how you will get your stuff from your old house to your fantastic new house is a major element of this all-important day.

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How to save money on your holiday car rental


If it hasn’t happened to you, then you will know someone it has happened to - holiday car rentals are never as smooth as they are supposed to be.

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Five amazing road trips in the United Kingdom


The Road Trip. It’s a staple of the Hollywood buddy movie, complete with awe inspiring desert landscapes and perhaps an encounter with a medicine man or a destitute chancer. But what about the road trip in our native green and pleasant land? There are over 200,000 miles of road to experience and despite the congestion in many of the cities and on the motorways, there are some incredible stretches through picturesque countryside that will leave its mark on your memory.

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Renting a van? Follow Mayday’s van rental tips


If you’re moving house, or simply moving a couple of large items for business purposes, hiring a self-drive van can be a convenient and cost effective way of transporting your belongings or goods.

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