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Driving safely in the winter months


Safety in the winter months is of paramount importance. Both in the U.K. and overseas, you need a well maintained, safety-checked car.

The RAC reports that they will have an increase of 20% in breakdown callouts over the next few months. They suggest everyone should follow their helpful acronym FORCES; making sure you have enough Fuel, check your Oil, pay attention to your Rubber i.e. tyres, keep an eye on your Coolant level, check you Electrics, and make sure your Screen-wash is topped up and working. Here are our useful tips for driving in bad weather…

Keep your fuel high

This time of year means your car will need more fuel to keep the car-engine heated properly and allow for you to sit in a warm car. It also means you probably won’t run out of petrol or diesel, so you won’t end up stranded in below zero temperatures!

Make sure you have a plan

When you are out in the cold you must make sure you have properly planned your route. Poor planning could lead to a near disaster. Make sure you have an alternative route in case a road or area is out of access.

Is it necessary

Whether it’s snowing, raining, windy or foggy- think about how much you need to take the journey. You may wish to make different plans for travel or avoid the trip altogether if the weather is too treacherous.

It’s snow problem

When driving in the snow you must make sure your tyres will withstand the conditions. Driving slowly will only do so much as you need to account for stopping distances being different, as well as if the snow gets heavier. Maintain maximum vision and be sure to check your rubber window wipers before leaving. If you are travelling abroad, be wary that some car hire companies in Europe may not have winter tyres in with the price. This is something to consider if you are near ski resorts.

Windy days

Wind can also cause several problems; from high bridges, to outhouses and trees- danger is everywhere. Make sure you are always aware of your surroundings and keep both hands on the wheel in tricky circumstances. Stay confident but know your limits.

Foggy issues

Fog is always an unsuspected danger here in the U.K., it can surprise us, and cause accidents. If it gets too dangerous, consider opening your window to listen for oncoming traffic as an extra safety precaution.

Wherever you travel this winter make sure you stay safe, stick to main roads and plan consistently.

Give us a call today for a quality, safety-checked car. Happy travelling!