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Driving Test Tips


When you go for your driving test it is normal to feel nervous and panicked. But making sure you are prepared and feeling confident is the best way to minimise these feelings. Keep calm, remember your worth, and follow our top tips.

Remember: You can do this, or you wouldn’t be here right now.

Take enough lessons

A sure way to acting cool and confident, is to feel it. Go at your own speed when learning. The average person takes 40-50 hours of lessons, so make sure you really have learnt everything. Make sure you enjoy your lessons, feel confident, then take two more lessons, and know you’ve got this. It’s best to try out driving lessons in different weather conditions too, that way you’re ready for almost anything. Remember only 1 in 5 people pass on their first test.

How to avoid failure

There are so many reasons people fail their driving test, and some of them are simple. Here are some of the main reasons people fail, avoid these and you will be on to a winner!

·         Not observing junctions carefully

·         Pulling out dangerously

·         Bad reverse parking

·         Not using mirrors properly (it is best to exaggerate when checking so there is no doubt that you are using them)

·         Not steering carefully

·         Bad response when setting off from traffic lights (e.g. too slow or fast)

·         Poor control when moving off

·         Not having a full knowledge of road markings

·         Not being ready overall

·         Not asking to the examiner to repeat the question when unsure

Take what you need

Did you know it is an instant fail if you forget your driving license, theory test certificate or a suitable car?

You won’t be able to take the test and it will be cancelled if you don’t bring these items. Time and money wasted due to poor planning.

Control your nerves

The best ways to control your nerves are to follow these steps:

1.    Don’t take your test during a stressful period (e.g. exam time)

2.    Try and get a few good night’s sleep

3.    Arrive early, relax and chat with your instructor

4.    Don’t drink too much coffee- this could make you uncomfortable or tetchy

5.    Make sure you are comfortable in the car. (Do you need cushions, good shoes, or familiar surroundings?)

6.    Ask the examiner if you are unsure. They are there to make sure you are a safe and conscientious driver, not to catch you out.

Make sure you know the test

If you know what to expect before the test you should feel calmer. More than likely, your examiner will have talked you through the standard procedures and will have explained and re-examined areas you struggle with.

The test involves:

·         An eyesight test of a number plate

·         Vehicle safety questions

·         Tests your general driving ability (e.g. hill starts, regular stops, driving instructions)

·         Tests your reversing

·         20 minutes of independent driving (e.g. sat nav or traffic signs)

Now that you have these helpful driving test tips, you will be more than ready to hit the road.

Good luck!