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Thinking about buying an electric car in 2019?


This year the U.K. expected to see a rise of at least 20% of people buying electric vehicles as we become more conscious about the environment. In fact, claims that Battery Electric Vehicles (BEV) car sales are up by 34.9% from March 2018.

There are many reasons you might want to switch to an electric car this year, and one reason could be that there has been an increase in charging points, making it far easier for electric vehicle users to run their car.

Whilst you might have heard of the popular Toyota Prius, which has been voted the car that makes you happiest in the Driver Power survey 2019, you may not know about your other options with electric cars in the UK.

Here at Mayday Vehicle Rentals we have a range of vehicles to suit your needs and we want to help you decide what is the best choice for you.

Pure Electric Vehicles

This type of vehicle is purely battery powered and is the most commonly understood electric vehicle.

Some perks of owning one of these types are that they have no tailpipe emissions, you don’t need to pay for congestion charges, and you can get free parking in some major cities.

Unfortunately, due to the technology being relatively new they can currently only achieve between 50 and 300 miles between charges.

Popular EV’s include; Volkswagen e-Golf priced from £29,740* or the less affordable, high-end Tesla Model S priced from £75,500*.

Plug-In Hybrid Vehicles

These are the most prevalent electric vehicles on our roads featuring a smaller electric battery but also a small traditional engine as well.

Some positives of this type are that they can run after the battery depletes by using the petrol or diesel as a secondary function and back-up. They are very good for longer journeys as they offer you stability.

However, they still have harmful tailpipe emissions and carry the extra weight of a battery and an engine.

Popular plug-in hybrids include; Hyundai Ioniq at £21,050* and the luxury Audi E-Tron at £71,000*.

Extended Range Electric Vehicles

Although similar in concept to the hybrids, these vehicles are battery operated. However, they do have an engine which generates power to the battery if it becomes critically low, essentially acting as a back-up charger.

An advantage of these electric models is that they have the same refinement as an electric model without the anxiety of losing battery power.

Popular EREV’s include; the BMW i3 priced at £34,445* and the Mercedes Benz EQC at around £55,000*.

Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicles

HFC vehicles offer the practical side of an internal combustion engine but with zero tailpipe emissions and could be a futureproof option for our society. The hydrogen creates electricity and heat to power the car.

This type of car is easy to refuel because you can do this at regular filling stations, unlike some electric cars, and it can take less than three minutes. The tank is set up like a traditional internal combustion engine but without the petrol or diesel.

The technology behind these cars is however in its early stages and there is a lack of public awareness and very few filling stations offer these services.

Popular hydrogen fuel cars include; the Toyota Mirai at around £66,000* and the expensive and infamous Pininfarina H2 Speed estimated at around £2.5 million*.

Join the U.K. and go electric to see how you feel, why not see if you can find your electric car with us here at Mayday. The Society of Motor Manufacturers & Traders have seen an increase of 53.6% in electric car sales already in 2019.

*All figures in this article are estimates from the start of 2019.