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Five amazing road trips in the United Kingdom


The Road Trip. It’s a staple of the Hollywood buddy movie, complete with awe inspiring desert landscapes and perhaps an encounter with a medicine man or a destitute chancer. But what about the road trip in our native green and pleasant land? There are over 200,000 miles of road to experience and despite the congestion in many of the cities and on the motorways, there are some incredible stretches through picturesque countryside that will leave its mark on your memory.

Here we breakdown five breath-taking road trips in the UK.

1)      Scotland’s north coast 500

This circular route has become a modern Scottish icon and a bucket list must-have for motoring fanatics. Starting in Inverness, the route snakes its way along the west coast, heading north to the country’s extremities and some of its most famous cities such as John o’ Groats. It then drops back down into Inverness. You’ll need 4 – 7 days to fully appreciate what the road has to offer, which is everything from isolated castle ruins, looming Munros and sea stacks along the wild coastline, as well as beaches, caves and even a whisky distillery.

The towns and villages offer some accommodation, but not much so book in advance. Summer is obviously the best time, with the longer days and better weather, but winter offers a spooky isolation for the more intrepid traveller.

2)      Black Mountain Pass, Brecon Beacons

Known to map makers and bureaucrats as the less evocative A4069, this road has vistas, hairpins and wayward sheep to keep you occupied and engaged along the full 27 mile stretch. It’s now a well-known trip to take, thanks to its appearance on Top Gear, so the going can be slow during the summer months when car clubs mix with farmers and local trucks to create some frustrating congestion, but don’t let that put you off. This is a different drive to the north coast 500, as there is less to do along the way, but it’s a drive worth taking all the same.

3)      Snake Pass, Peak District

Running from Sheffield to Manchester, the road bridges the two sides of England, twisting through the Pennines for 26 miles. There are many places to stop off and enjoy the views, but this road demands to be driven and stopping can be a tough choice as you fight against the curiosity of the next bend. There are some tough corners and one or two adverse cambers to watch out for, and given the accident rate, the police pay close attention so watch out for speed traps.

4)      Cheddar Gorge, Somerset

While a much shorter route, at 14 miles, this is still a stunning drive and a great way to put a new car through its paces. As you leave Cheddar, you’ll be flanked by the cliffs on either side, and you’ll be braking into a lot of tight, twisting bends. You then enter the forest, and the sweeping bends open up before you. Once out of the forest, the road straightens out and you get the chance to pass slower traffic. There are also plenty of pubs to pop into along the way.

5)      A82 towards Glencoe, Scotland

Another Scottish offering for the final choice. Two and a half hours north-west of Glasgow, the road cuts between towering Munros, deep lochs and the abundant heather. The road is the second longest section of A road in Scotland, and varies between moorland and forest, snug bends and fast straights. It’s a busy road, with plenty of lorries and tourists, but there are lots of places to stop off along the way, most notably Loch Lomond. Watch the weather as there are some accident black spots, but this is a road to enjoy.


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