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Low-emission cars: the ever-growing popularity


Low-emission cars have recently become popular and are gradually taking over the U.K.’s roads. From taxis to bus companies, and your best friend’s car alike, ‘green cars’ are popping up everywhere.

In fact, 2017 was a record-breaking year, with more than 130,000 green vehicles on the roads of the U.K., up a massive 27% from 2016 and this is still predicted to rise year on year.

But why are they so popular now?

In general, people are more aware of the environment and how greenhouse gases and emissions impact on the future well-being of our planet. As we become more concerned by the environment there is also pressure building around us to conform to new cleaner standards with the government and local councils doing their bit to push us into a stronger focus on the planet; electric cars offer us a way to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions whilst also tackling air pollution in city centres.

Whilst they may seem expensive now, these new cleaner cars are expected to be cheaper than diesel and petrol run cars by as early as 2022, so the chances of people owning one is now more realistic and practical than ever before.

Also, to further encourage the take up of low emission vehicles, the government has introduced some tax benefits for companies and company car drivers. In reality, how long this remains a benefit, only time will tell but it definitely shows the government’s current commitment to improving the environment.

There are now thousands of public charging stations – as of October 2018, the total number of locations that have a public charge point installed is 6539 and the total number of individual chargers at those locations is 10465, with numbers continually increasing day by day.

The incentives continue with ultra-low emission vehicles (those that emit less than 75g/km of CO2) now being exempt from the Congestion Charge in London. They also get discounted parking in Westminster.  

There is a low emission zone already in place in London, and Birmingham, Leeds, Glasgow and Southampton are the latest to announce some sort of clean air charge zones where high emission vehicles will be charged to enter the city centre. 

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