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Luton van hire: when, why and how you should rent one


The Luton van, or Luton body as it’s sometimes known, is an iconic vehicle that just so happens to originate from Mayday Vehicle Rentals’ hometown of – you guessed it! – Luton, in Bedfordshire. In this article we look at the history of the Luton van and explain when and how you should rent one.

The history of the Luton van

The vehicle was named after the town of Luton because that’s where the Bedford commercial vehicle plant, where the van was originally produced, was located.

What does the van look like? If you don’t recognise the van by its name, you’ll definitely recognise it by sight because it has a very distinctive design. The Luton has a commercial vehicle body enclosed by a box body, and the body famously extends over the cab of the vehicle – an iconic design which provides useful additional storage space.

The van was originally designed to transport straw hats, which were a product of Luton’s thriving hat industry. The loads of straw hats had a high volume but a low weight, and the Luton van’s large storage capacity was perfect for moving them from the factories to retailers around the country.

Modern uses of the Luton van

Unsurprisingly these days there isn’t much demand for transporting straw hats. The Luton van however is very much still in demand - particularly for removals.

The van’s generous amount of storage space is perfect for packing boxed belongings into when you’re moving home. What’s more, you don’t need specialised training to drive a Luton van. This means that you can hire one and transport your own belongings, and save the money that you would spend on an expensive removals company.

Special features of the Luton van

On older models of Luton vans the iconic extension that caps the cab of the vehicle provides additional storage space, allowing drivers to pack even more of their belongings or goods into the vehicle and reducing the number of trips that need to be made – which of course saves money on rental and petrol costs.

Today the extension on many Luton vans has been replaced by a curved portion and whilst this cuts down on the amount of usable storage space, it too can potentially cut costs. That’s because the streamlined design can actually improve the fuel efficiency of the vehicle.

Another notable feature of the Luton is the tail lift, a platform which sits at the back of some models of the van. The platform can be lowered and used to load and unload large and heavy items into and out of the van. This can be helpful when you’re transporting heavy goods, though it’s worth bearing in mind that the weight of the tail lift can reduce the maximum weight capacity of the van.

Renting a van

As mentioned, a Luton van is perfect for home removals. Here at Mayday, our vans are Mayday, our vans are not only new and of a high quality but super affordable too. Contact us today to find out more about our great current rental deals on Luton vans.