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Renting a van? Follow Mayday’s van rental tips


If you’re moving house, or simply moving a couple of large items for business purposes, hiring a self-drive van can be a convenient and cost effective way of transporting your belongings or goods.

It’s important to plan properly so that the van hire goes as smoothly as possible, which is why Mayday Vehicle Rentals have put together our top tips for renting a van.

Plan properly

It may sound like an obvious tip but it’s very important to assess your cargo prior to renting the van, by checking how many items you need to move, as well as their size and weight. With a proper assessment of the size and number of items to be transported, you can avoid renting a van that’s the wrong size – either a van that’s too big and which has higher rental costs, or a van that’s too small and which wastes both time and money in repeat trips.

There are a number of different sizes of van that you can hire, ranging from a small van to a Luton van, which is a large commercial vehicle with an enclosed box body extended over the cab. A Luton van would be appropriate for moving large and heavy items, as too would a van with a tailgate lift; if you’re only transporting smaller items, then a transit van might be sufficient.

Research and compare

Acquiring a few different quotes from different van rental companies is common sense, but be careful to check what’s included and what’s excluded when comparing prices. It’s particularly important to check the terms of the insurance, as these can vary between supplier and cheap deals may not always provide the coverage that you need. Choosing a rate that includes unlimited mileage is advisable, too.

Check documentation

When picking up your rental van you will need to take proper documentation with you – your driving licence, of course, but possibly other paperwork too - such as a utility bill to prove your address. A standard driving license allows you to hire all Luton vans, transit vans, or long wheel base vans; if you’re hiring a vehicle that weighs more than 3,500kgs however, you will need a specialised heavy goods vehicle licence.

You should carefully check the documentation provided by the van hire company, to make sure that it covers the terms of the deal to which you agreed. Be wary of any added extras and only agree to ones that you actually need.

Check the van

Check the van carefully for damage, both inside and out, before driving it away from the rental company - and make sure that any issues are thoroughly documented in your agreement. You do not want to end up paying for damage that you did not cause but which were not detailed in the documentation. Check that the mileage is the same as that recorded on your agreement, as well as the fuel level.

Driving the van

Before driving the van be aware of its dimensions, as it may be much wider and higher than vehicles you have previously driven – driving a van can be very different to driving a car! You should be particularly careful when driving through narrow gaps or under low structures – under low bridges for example, or into NCP car parks, which have height limits of around 2 metres.

Dropping off the van

It goes without saying that you should drop the van off in the same condition as it was when you collected it - which includes refuelling it to the same level. Late return of the van incurs extra charges so check carefully the time that the vehicle needs to be dropped off by.


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