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Moving house? Here’s what you need to remember when hiring a van


Moving house is consistently rated as one of the most stressful activities of all time. But it needn’t be, and as you work through your checklist of things which need to be completed, be sure to make hiring a van a top priority. After all, planning equals peace of mind and knowing how you will get your stuff from your old house to your fantastic new house is a major element of this all-important day.

Hiring a van should be simple and hassle free – and here at Mayday we work hard to make sure it is.

But what are the benefits and drawbacks? We will break these down for you here.

How much will it cost?

Vans are surprisingly economical, when compared with endless car journeys or paying for a team of removal men. One estimate places them at three times cheaper. Choosing a van, and thereby choosing not to waste money on removal men, will allow you to spend the money on more productive things such as decorating and new furniture.

However, you must be sure to confirm the price and any hidden costs such as mileage before you leave the rental office. The rental company is not trying to rip you off, but it pays to be clear from the outset. This will give you peace of mind. Often there are deals available for extended periods, so should you want to hire for a longer period, renting for seven days might be more economical than renting for five. Ask the rental office for any deals, and they will be more than happy to tell you about them.

One drawback to renting a van is the extra time, but maybe friends can help you for the promise of a slice of pizza or a free night’s accommodation. You’d be surprised what your friends will do for you.

Is it hard to drive a van?

It depends on the van. It could be a combi or a full transit-style van but the reality is that if you are paying attention, then any van will be straightforward enough and you won’t have any problems. It comes down to attitude, moving house is an adventure and you should take this perspective on everything you do connected with the move.

How easy is it to book?

In a word, very.  You say the time you want to collect the van and state when you want to bring it back. Job done. It may even be possible to extend the time you have the van, so if it starts to look like it will take longer, then you can call the rental company and ask them to extend the rental.

Can I move what I like?

Of course! You decide how many trips you take and how much you load up the van. You do it your way, you are in control and, most importantly, you get to look after your own prized possessions and thereby avoid any little accidents with your favourite lamp or wine glasses.

What size van do I need?

That’s down to you, and while a bigger van is more expensive it also means you will have to make fewer trips - which means less fuel and less time. Really, it depends what you want and what you feel comfortable driving. Speak to the car rental company in your area and get them to give you the breakdown of the options available.

Enjoy your new home!