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How to pass your MOT with flying colours


Getting ready for your MOT shouldn’t fill you with a mad panic. We have devised a clear plan to make sure you pass with no problems. Firstly, we must say how important an MOT is, and secondly, don’t leave it until the last minute. Here is our guide of all the things to do before you go.

Check your tyres

Tyre pressure is just one of the things that you need to check before you go. Then comes the whole list of potential tyre MOT fails. Check all tyres for bulges, cuts, cracks or tears, and make sure you have a tyre tread depth of at least 2mm across 75% of the tyre. The legal requirement is 1.6mm but with anything below 2mm, we would advise you to get new ones to avoid an instant fail.

Are your lights fully visible?

Don’t go for your MOT without cleaning your car and particularly your headlights. It’s better to check all your lights functions, including headlights dipped and at full beam, side lamps, daytime running lights, hazard warning lights, indicators, fog lights, and number plate lights. Bulbs do blow, it’s part of their life so you may as well replace these yourself (or pay someone to do this) rather than pay a hefty fee or fail.

Check your windscreen and wipers

Not all chips can cost you your MOT pass. It’s all about the location. Small chips up to 10mm are okay, even if they are in front of the driver, but not if they are in an area swept by your windscreen wipers - chips are not allowed within a 290mm vertical stretch, centred at the steering wheel.

Can you read your number plate?

This might seem like an obvious one, but it’s the one that is most avoidable and regularly picked up on. Your number plate must be clearly visible; make sure it is clean, with correct letters and spacing, and is readable from a distance. If it is modified or damaged, then it is illegal and an instant MOT fail.

Are your seats and seatbelts working?

When checking your car, as well as the external areas, you should also check the internal. All seatbelts must be working; check them by tugging to test their reaction. The driver’s seat must also be adjustable for distance to and from the steering wheel.

Check your fuel and engine oil

Finally, your fuel must be at a sufficient level or you may be refused service. Your oil level should also be checked prior to MOT or this could also lead to an unnecessary cost at the garage.

Be safe, be prepared, be MOT’d.