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Road rage and how to beat it


With new statistics suggesting that road rage causes almost 33% of traffic accidents in the UK, we have curated the top tips to help you manage anger behind the wheel effectively

Often at times of undue stress, we as humans find tranquillity in different forms. You may find that taking a walk through the park will help to appease your anger, or perhaps cooking your favourite dish will ease the tension. Sometimes going to the gym will release the endorphins you need to battle the demons, or just playing your favourite record will help your mind rest.

On the road, it isn’t that simple. A situation may occur where you find that your anger boils over into rage. However, when you are driving a vehicle, this can prove to be imminently dangerous. Any action you take as a result of your anger could result in severe injury – and in some cases, road rage has even led to death.

It may be that a driver cuts you off without signalling. It may be that you are the victim of tailgating, or a driver flashes their lights at you for driving too slowly. You may find that the helplessness of being behind the wheel fuels your anger and you have the temptation to react. STOP. THINK. Although road rage itself is not specified as a criminal offence, under The Public Order Act 1986, it can result in criminal penalties.

To prevent you from being a perpetrator of aggressive driving, follow the tips below to help you deal with the situation before it escalates into a serious offence.

Be aware of your emotions:

In the same manner that intoxication directly affects your ability to drive, statistics show that drivers who have recently experienced some form of emotional trauma may be more likely to experience confrontational situations whilst on the road. So, if you feel like your emotional state is vulnerable, be extra vigilant when driving.

Listen to music:

At Mayday Vehicle Rentals, we recommend cranking up Classic FM when you find yourself in the midst of an angry broil. Whatever your choice of soothing sound, take a deep breath, soak in the melodies and just relax. The traffic is not decreasing, the driver behind you is still attempting to overtake and you are very late home for dinner. Accept that you are in an unfortunate position and all you can do is remain patient – meanwhile, let Beethoven’s symphonies take the edge off.

Count to 10:

More often than not, the old breathing trick does wonders. Don’t hesitate to pull over and take a deep breath if you need to. Roll down the window and allow some fresh air into your vehicle, then take a moment to let the other driver continue before getting back on the road. Keeping your distance and giving yourself a minute to calm down may prevent a situation from turning dangerous.

If these pointers don’t work for you, it may help to talk to someone about managing your rage in a more professional form. Visit for more information.

Safe travelling from the team at Mayday!