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Our top tips for your first road trip


Going on your first ever road trip might seem as daunting as it is exciting. However, this will be an amazing experience for you, and perhaps even a once in a lifetime opportunity. Read ahead and discover our tips and advice for your first road trip holiday.

1. Plan ahead and do your research: 

Planning ahead is always a good idea, there is a lot to think about so make sure you plan meticulously. 

You need to think about how much time you have at each destination. If there are places you might want to spend more time, then make sure you schedule your plans. You also need to be realistic about driving times; will you always be going at 70 miles per hour?

Think carefully and plan for traffic, accidents, and impromptu stops. It’s better to give yourself some extra time and think practically with regular stops and rest.

2. Make sure you have a real-life paper map:

A paper map won't suddenly stop working, and it can't send you the wrong way- unless you misread it!

Technology is great but it comes with complications; your battery could die, you could lose signal and it could fail you all too easily. Be sure to take precautions and plan your route on paper so you always have the security of the original plan. A map also means you might see other places to stop or discover new things.

3. Pack light and leave space for new finds: 

Your trip will provide you will an array of cultural experiences, sights and gifts, so make sure you have space to buy and collect mementoes from your holiday.

While you need to pack light, you also need to ensure you have everything you might need. It's a good idea to take clothes for hot and cold weather, a first aid kit, emergency food and any safety equipment you might need.  

4. Take some loose change and cash: 

Before you travel consider having some loose change or cash for those unexpected toll bridges, taxes or emergency car parking. You might also need money for emergency fuel for you or your car.

5. Create your own entertainment: 

Travelling could be tiresome and boring after you have been going for a few hours, so you might need to think about what entertainment you can create for yourself.

If you are travelling with people you might want to consider games, conversations or different music you can listen to with your comrades. If you are travelling alone then a selection of old school CDs could be the answer to prevent boredom.

6. Text friends when you arrive at new destinations:

This is an important item on this list from both a safety and advice point of view. A quick text to a friend or family member means they know where you are should anything happen to you, providing you with security and peace of mind. You might also gain some advice or information about that place if they have visited themselves.

7. Talk to the locals:

On this road trip, you will meet a range of people from different backgrounds, cultures and lifestyles, they will all add to your experiences and your perception of each new place.  

The more people you speak with the more you will learn about each village, city or country. Make sure you ask them where you should eat, where to visit, where to explore, and gather any random facts or information about your destination.

8. Make new friends:

This new experience will encourage you to find out new things about yourself, discover new places and meet new friends. The people you meet will make it more unique, making new friends means your experience will be more enjoyable and cultural. They will introduce you to new ideas and places to visit that you might not have thought about and could offer you advice along the way.

9. Limit phone calls to the outside world: 

Life back home might include a busy lifestyle of work, emails and phone calls, but going away on a road trip provides you with the perfect chance to break away from your home life.

Take this opportunity to reduce the number of phone calls you make, have a break from emails and just relax. The only reason you should need your phone while travelling is to take photos and let people know when you reach new destinations.

10. Take photos of everything: 

Whenever you travel you probably take a camera and take plenty of photos at each new place, your road trip shouldn't be any different. Take photos of the culture, food, buildings and uniqueness of each destination. Enjoy the weird and wonderful sights you see and take selfies with anything you want to show to your friends and family.

The most important part of your trip should be to enjoy yourself, so follow our guide, relax and enjoy this fantastic trip of a lifetime.

Stay safe and stay happy. Happy travelling!