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New technology in vehicles 2019


Every year new features play a big part in our driving experiences. This year things are changing again to provide drivers with new and unique driving journeys. So, what can you expect to see this year?

More electric models

Hybrid and electric cars are becoming more mainstream now as technology advances at a fast pace. Audi, Chevrolet, Lexus, Toyota and Tesla are becoming the most active and common producers. The new electric models are offering us new technology both inside and out of the vehicles cabin, and although the newer vehicles can be expensive, they can also save you money with no fuel cost and reduced maintenance.

Steering avoidance advancements

As we head to a fully automatic future, we can expect to see steering control in a variety of models. Volvo and Lexus lead the way with these mechanics and have the advancement to automatically avoid obstructive objects. This function will work when it is neither practical nor safe to come to a emergency stop. It’s the kind of feature you don’t use until you need it but then it could be life-saving.

PreSafe Sound

This year Mercedes-Benz have developed a sound system which generates a certain intonation from the speakers right before a collision occurs. This is to help prepare the ears and body to cope with the impact and noise caused by a collision. It could help to aid repair in the aftermath of an accident and inflict less harm on your inner ear. The development is an interesting idea but comes with a $75,000 price tag.

Magic Body Control road scanning

Another progression from Mercedes-Benz is the ‘Magic Body Control’ which scans the road for the height of the dips and bumps that the road might have. The suspension uses the active hydraulics in order to compensate for these imperfections. This new performance mechanism is designed to create a smoother, quieter and better journey, and is reserved for high-end models.

Towing and Trailer apps

New apps for your vehicle now mean that difficult jobs like corners, manoeuvres and haulage can be made easier. The apps will integrate into your vehicles TPMS system and infotainment displays. They will input cameras, blind-spot manoeuvring and trailer controllers. This new technology will reduce errors and help people with less experience of towing. However, as an experienced hauler you might not need this sort of assistance.


High-resolution, multi-angle cameras

Surround cameras are now available on the market and are now available for most vehicles including saloon cars and SUV’s. This new high-resolution camera will replace low resolution cameras with a crisp and clean image. The more visibility you have the safer you will be and the fewer accidents you will have. It isn’t necessarily always needed but will be helpful for blind-spots, safety and awareness.

Wireless charging in vehicles

You will never have a low battery again, while travelling in your car, with this new progression. Honda, Hyundai and Ford are among some of the producers who are inputting this new technology which will be available for Google, Apple and Samsung phones. Located in the centre of the console you won’t forget to charge your phone again.

Semi-automatic driving

From Tesla to Cadillac, these two are big in the game of new advances in vehicle technology. This semi-auto electronic development compensates human error and is almost fool-proof. The Cadillac Super Cruise System can even operate at up to 85mph. The technology could be worth the price-tag if you spend lots of time in your car on need some relief from tiresome driving in the rush hour.

These advancements are ever-changing and might even be out-dated by the end of the year.

Who knows what will happen in 2020?