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Choosing the right van for the job


When choosing a van for a business or job, the choices might seem overwhelming. Your vehicle is integral to your job and you need to consider the look and size, the running costs, and how to maximise efficiency. There are personal and professional factors to think about; here are a few to consider.


How do you want your van to look? Are you going for a workman image, or a business professional? Don’t forget, this van is going to be your consumers first impression of you. Think about returning custom and keeping it tidy. In 2013, Vanarama reported that two thirds of consumers say the condition, style and type of a tradesperson’s vehicle would influence their decision on whether to use them or employ them again.


The size of your van is also important. Smaller vans have limited space, whereas larger vans may give you more shelving space or additional storage which you might have forgotten about. Transport for London says that 39% of vans pulled over were less than a quarter full. However, the RAC reported that 89% of LCV’S were overfilled in 2014. This can incur fines of between £50 and £300. It is vitally important that you consider space when hiring or buying a van.


The environment around you could also cause issues, and not just when it comes to fuel use. City centres and town roads wouldn’t suit a large box or panel van, unless it was transporting very heavy or large items. Compact vans are much more suitable for busy city driving. Construction sites, of course, call for more robust or heavy-duty vans, you would not want to be driving anything fancy in these areas. You also need to think about long-distance driving which is most suited to economy large panel vans, for safety and comfort.


When choosing your van, you also need to think about how many of you will be using the van; if you are alone then less space will be needed, but if you have a team then you need to think of available space as well. What else will you use the van for? Will you need space to complete paperwork, store a laptop or device, for example? Do you use your van as an office? You will need to think about power points, work space and sockets.

Comfort and convenience

If you spend a lot of time traveling then it might be useful to think about adjustable seats. one for the best driving position and two for potential storage. As well as that, you should think about all the mod-cons of the vehicle, things like air-conditioning, satellite navigation, bluetooth and touch-screen technology might be important or essential for your work.

Overall costing

As a business you will need to think about the efficiency of the van and how much fuel will cost for your vehicle or vehicles. You will also have a few payment methods to consider - you could hire, do a fixed term lease, loan a vehicle or buy the van outright.

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