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The top tips to avoid traffic


Anticipating traffic has become a part of every commuter’s daily nightmare – but there are a few secrets we can let you in on that may help you avoid getting stuck in the jam

ONE: Time is of the essence

Timing your commute accurately is the most vital ingredient when you are attempting to avoid a vehicle stampede. This could mean that you need to set off for work an hour earlier than usual or leave an hour later to prevent after work rush hour. Don’t regard this as a waste of time, use the hour to be more productive. For example, you can grab a coffee and finish reading the book you’ve been trying to complete for over a year, before starting your day. Or, join a gym within walking distance of the office, and blow off a workdays steam with a quick run.

TWO: A scenic alternative

Narrow country roads are often avoided by drivers during their commute, but when your aim is to avoid rush hour traffic, they could prove to be your best friend. Whilst motorways may not sport much scenery, choosing a more scenic countryside route may prove to be slightly more tranquil. They may take slightly longer than motorway routes, but you will avoid being sat in the midst of other angry commuters and enjoy the beauty of nature – a much better way to start - and end - the day.

THREE: The revolution of apps

Built-in traffic flow into GPS systems may seem advanced and impressive, but now, you don’t need to fork out a few hundred pounds to have one installed. Why? Because apps like Waze and Michelin traffic can do all the hard work for you, simply from the convenience of your smartphone. Just make sure you’re not using your phone whilst driving!

FOUR: The pleasure of public transport

Although the idea of public transport may seem dreary, it may actually be the most effective form of travelling. No need to worry about fuel stops, parking spaces and most importantly, the rush hour traffic. Take a book, headphones and a sweet treat and find a spot on your bus/train, then use the journey to zone out and relax.

FIVE: If you don’t ask you won’t receive

If you find that dealing with traffic is affecting your life seriously, it may be time to speak with your employer about changing your hours of work. It could be that you wish to start earlier so you can finish earlier, or it may be that you wish to start later and finish later. Whatever the best solution is for you, your employer has a responsibility to consider it. In the most likely scenario, your request will be rejected. However, if you don’t try, you will never know – it could be that you catch them in a good mood!

From the team at Mayday, we hope this helps!