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Three Reasons You May Need to Rent a Car


Many people forget about car rental when they’re looking for a reliable and affordable mode of transport, however, this option is perfect for both corporate and leisure purposes. So, when could you benefit from car rental? Read on to find out more.


If seeing clients and attending meetings across the UK is part of your job, then it’s important that you have an efficient way of travelling. While using trains and other modes of transport can work well, it is time consuming and potentially more expensive than renting a car. Making a good first impression is critical in business, and that means turning up on time to your meetings which can be done in a well-maintained vehicle.

Road trips

Whether you plan on going to the rural countryside or a new city, hiring a car gives you more flexibility throughout your trip. Relying on public transport means you could be restricted by the timetable and could miss out on doing the things you want due to not having enough time. Plus, with all the luggage and other items you plan on bringing, hiring a car makes it a lot easier to store and transport all of your belongings.

Emergency situations

When your car or van breaks down or is in need of emergency repairs, this can put a standstill on everything. Getting to your workplace or doing your day to day jobs, if your a tradesman, can be very difficult without reliable transport. While your vehicle is being fixed, why not hire a replacement that will see you through until things are sorted? You never know when your car is going to fail you, but by renting a car, you’ll always have a backup plan.

Here at Mayday Vehicle Rentals, based in Luton, we offer reliable vehicle hire at affordable prices. With a pick up and drop off service operating in the local area, your car rental experience couldn’t be any easier. For more information, get in touch today.